Boo! A Halloween Mortgage Blog

Oct 25
Category | General

From all of us at Norcom Mortgage, stay safe and warm this Halloween!

  • Trick! Or treat? You’ve found the house of your dreams! Or is it? Make sure to get your home inspected thoroughly so there are no surprises down the road. 

  • Are you not getting many trick or treaters? Think of your home’s curb appeal! Remember to rake leaves, or dare we say shovel snow, off the walkways. Then be sure to stock up on your candy supply! 

  • Don’t let the ghosts in through a drafty chimney - a renovation loan can help to seal the gaps and keep them out. 

  • Need a last-minute costume? Boxes from your recent move will make a great robot! 

  • If your plans for Halloween are curling up on the couch in your new home and watching Hocus Pocus, make sure your cable subscription has been transferred to your new address. 

  • Do you want to adopt a black cat, but your rental doesn’t allow it? A new house is a great pet-friendly option! 

  • Don’t give your credit score a fright! Remember, no major purchases while you are in the midst of the loan process. 

  • Make sure your dream home isn’t a haunted house! Ask if your appraiser is a certified ghost hunter. 

  • A cash-out refinance allowed you to remodel your kitchen, just in time to cook up bubbling potions and spooky treats. 

  • You finally got the cleared-to-close call from your loan officer. Time to break out your best celebration dance moves to everyone's favorite song – The Monster Mash!